About ELMO - ELMO’s activities for worldwide Education
ELMO is a Japanese company using the best Japanese technology and is now working with educators around the world to develop state-of-the-art education ICT (Information communication technology) tools.

These ELMO ICT tools are now making their way into classrooms throughout the world.
ELMO aims to assist and improve
1‧ Interaction between teachers and students.
2‧ Gaining knowledge through visual interests.
3‧ Overall grades of students.
4‧ Ease the load of preparing for lessons.
ELMO ICT tools are making a great impact on worldwide education. Let’s understand more about ELMO's role in education.
Seeding Project
ELMO has been rolling out seeding projects all over the world, in UK, Australia, European and Asian countries. The following is one of ELMO’s seeding projects in UK.

In January 2009, Elmo launched a nation-wide visualiser/document camera seeding project with more than 330 units of Elmo L1n/TT-02 visualiser/document camera in UK. There were more than 110 schools and 40 local authorities that kindly participated. Schools were loaned the visualiser/document camera for about 8 weeks to actually experience them in the classroom setting. Feedback and response from teachers were overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic. As one teacher simply put it, "I cannot imagine how I was teaching my classes without the visualiser".To see feedback form teachers.please see 「UK Teachers’ comments」
Working together with world educators
ELMO, as a global leader in visualiser/document camera technology and education ICT solutions, has responsibilities to spread best practices in teaching and learning with ICT tools, and also to provide educators comprehensive training and support of using visualisers/document cameras as well as other ICT tools. Therefore, ELMO has started working with the prime educators in the world to develop the best ways for teachers to use ICT tools.
Supporting material for educators – Training Package
ELMO was supported by Prof. Tatsuya Horita from Tamagawa University, Prof. Jun Takahashi from Toyama University and 6 experienced school teachers to create a training package which consisted of a series of training programs. The package provides 6 outstanding training programs (from primary level to the advanced level) to improve educators’ teaching abilities with the visualiser/document camera.
Create easy understanding lessons by using ICT in education (Japanese)
It is a book for academic purpose of knowing how the visualiser/document camera is effective to education. It was edited by Dr. Tatsuya Horita, associate professor of Tamagawa University, Japan and Dr. Jun Takahashi, Associate professor of University of Toyama, Japan, and published by ELMO.
Hot education vol.1~vol.6 (Japanese)
Hot Education is a series of booklets edited by a group of school teachers and university professors, published by ELMO. Hot Education helps educators to understand from “what a visualiser/document camera is ” to “how to use a visualiser/document camera effectively in education”. There are 6 editions which are free of charge, and contain enormous case studies and practical teaching tips. Elmo has published more than 100 thousand copies of Hot Education in Japan , which tells how popular Hot Education has been for educators.
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Visualiser magazine vol.1~(English)
Followed by Hot Education, ELMO cooperated with Mr. Dave Smith, ICT Consultant and Curriculum Advisor, London Borough of Havering Inspection & Advisory Service, to edit & publish a free English magazine in UK. Visualiser Magazines provide world educators with information about ICT in education as well as how the visualiser/document camera improves teaching and the learning environment.
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ELMO Contest
ELMO contests provide world teachers with more chances to experience visualisers/document cameras and encourages teachers to create more brilliant ways of using visualisers/document cameras in education. In Spain, ELMO has cooperated with educators to reward “excellence and best use of visualisers in education”. For the contest, ELMO provided free visualisers/document cameras to different schools and collected lesson ideas from the teachers afterward. ELMO offered the winner, selected by university professors and school teachers, the latest visualisers/document cameras.
Providing ICT solutions for education to the world
ELMO is a global leader in visualisers/document cameras, as well as a one-stop solution provider for classrooms of the future. ELMO’s various range of products are developed by and for educators, to truly serve their needs to the fullest.

ELMO’s classroom solution products are innovative and integrated set of solutions providing time-saving, cost-effective technology for educators in the world.
For further details about ELMO education ICT solutions, please see ELMO products
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